How do the +Tools work?

Over the last few years Ford Software have produced a wide range of tools for NATURAL development environments to fill gaps in Software AG's standard range of utilities and to help with tedious or error-prone development processes. All the tools and modules used are written in NATURAL and bear the prefix "+", to avoid name clashes with application programs. Hence the name "+Tools". In addition to their own processing, the tools use various Software AG user exits from the library SYSEXT, so these must be callable at run-time. The +Tools package is constantly under development and has already passed the 500 module mark.

The +Tidy-up module

+Tidy-up is one of the most important tools in this package. It is a source improver and garbage detector. +Tidy-up makes code as readable as possible and marks anything that is not required. It also supplements the code with references, markers and qualifiers, which the compiler allows to be omitted.

Watch this video to show how +Tidy-up would improve your code

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